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The Most Common Pests in Utah: The Basics

What are the most common pests in Utah and how can you identify them? The first step in pest eradication is pest identification. Keep in mind that not all pests need to be eradicated. Some pests are helpful and should be left alone. By learning some basic characteristics of pests, you will have a better understanding of pest prevention techniques to keep your home bug free. Below are some of the most common pests in Utah.   


Ants come in different sizes and shapes. They are members of colonies that consist of a queen and many, many workers. They are tiny insects that may come into your house in large numbers in search of food and shelter. The best strategy for keeping ants out of your home is to keep food stored in airtight containers and spraying a pest control barrier around the outside of your home. Organic pest control methods such as spraying vinegar can also be effective against ants on a small scale.


Cockroaches are winged but flightless insects with six legs and two antennae. They like staying in cracks and crevices, especially around the kitchen and drainage because of the food sources. They cause infestations very quickly because they like staying in germ-infested areas like sewer pipes. Reduce your chances of seeing cockroaches in your home by keeping your home clean. Without proper home hygiene habits such as taking the trash out regularly and keeping dirty dishes out of the sink, conventional pest control methods will prove ineffective against cockroaches.


Termites are wood boring insects that rarely go outdoors. They stay inside wood structures and build tunnels there. The best way to identify the presence of termites near you is by looking for burrows in the wood. You can reduce the risk of a termite infestation by keeping rotting wood away from your home. Severe termite infestations require expensive pest control interventions such as tenting a home. It is best to avoid drastic measures by checking for wood carving piles, small pinpoint holes in drywall, and wood that feels hollow when you knock on it.


Bedbugs are small, flat, oval insects. They hang out in cracks and crevices, and especially in beds. Young bedbugs are white or tan before feeding on blood. After feeding, their color changes to reddish-brown. A tall tell sign of bedbugs often includes itchy blood spots on your skin and corresponding blood spots on your bed sheets. The cleanliness of your home is a leading factor in whether or not you may have a bed bug infestation.


Rodents such as mice and voles easily make the list for the most common pests in Utah. They come in different sizes, some small, others big, but they cause the same level of destruction. Rodents have large front teeth that they use for chewing. You can detect their fecal matter and chewed residue in areas they visit. If you have a vole problem, you will also probably notice burrowed paths on your grass. Mice and other rodents transmit diseases and are better kept away from human habitats. Keep rodents away from unwanted areas by properly sealing entrances to your home, keeping your house clean, and setting out traps or bait stations for occasional intruders.


Spiders are often found in dark and undisturbed areas. They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes with standard features being the fangs, eight legs, and antennae. Spiders are wingless, but most of them can move quickly because they are fast runners. They rarely go indoors except in search of other pests for food. While spiders can be an effective form of pest control against other smaller pests, they are typically unwanted guests inside your home.  Keep them out by eliminating other pests indoors and maintaining a pest control barrier around your home.


Earwigs are common outdoor pests in Utah that are mostly found in gardens or flowerbeds. They have a flat body and two pairs of wings. Their most distinctive feature is the pincers located at the back of the abdomen. They are harmless and will only use the pincers for defense. It is best to leave earwigs alone if they are outdoors and are not bothering anyone.  If they get inside your home, you can gently take them outside by sliding a paper under them. Prevent a potential infestation of earwigs by using a natural or commercial grade pest control product.


Silverfish are small silvery grey pests that live in dark and damp places. Warm and moist areas like the bathroom are common places for them to hide. They are wingless, and most of their activities take place at night. Silverfish are attracted to the starches found in soap, paper, and wall paper glue.  While silverfish are harmless, they can create an annoying infestation if left unchecked. You can get rid of silverfish with bates and other specialized pest control products. You can prevent a future silverfish infestation by reducing the humidity in your home by fixing leaky pipes, using bathroom fans, encouraging proper ventilation, and keeping books and other starchy materials tidy.

Bees and Wasps in Utah

Both bees and wasps are distantly related but come from different families. Some species are solitary while others prefer to live in colonies. They have stingers and will use them when they feel threatened. Both undergo a complete metamorphosis, with their larvae having a maggot-like look. Most of their activities are restricted to daytime.  Both bees and wasps can serve helpful purposes, but they are typically unwanted in or around your home.  You can get rid of bees and wasps using low cost, environmentally friendly methods such as spraying vinegar, using moth balls, or spreading cinnamon. For larger bee and wasp problems, it’s a good idea to contact a professional pest control company who can safely eradicate them.

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