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Got Fairy Ring?

Hey guys, this is Tyler with bamboo. I’m at my house I apologize, we live by a busy road. So you’re going to hear cars driving by. But uh, we’re This is actually our first spring here in this house. And about a month ago, I noticed that there was this ring of really nice looking lush grass. And at first I wasn’t actually sure what it was. We have a lot of water that goes through our yard, but so I thought maybe it was just a place where the grass comes through. But about a week ago, we started seeing this brown start to come through, as you can see here, and then all these mushrooms coming through. And when that happened, I noticed I knew that it was called fairy ring. Basically fairy ring, it’s a fungus. It’s mycelium that lives in the soil, and they eat all this organic matter. And that pushes all the nutrients up to the top of the grass and gives you this nice healthy looking ring. Some people like the look of it, some people don’t. But what can happen is what’s starting to happen on my lawn is there, the microbial fungus is eating all of the nutrients. And once there aren’t any more nutrients, this ring starts to die off. So a couple things that I can do, I can airway, the lawn, which I’ll do a couple times a year. And then I can also treat with a fungicide which also do and that should take care of this very ring. So those are two tips. If you start seeing this, this ring start to appear in your yard, go ahead and give those a shot. Or I mean you can always give us a call at bamboo. This is something we deal with a lot and we can definitely help you out. So anyway, there’s a little tip for you and I will talk to you guys later.


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