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Crucial information on dealing with wasps

Hey guys, this is Tyler with Bamboo Servicing. Today I’m actually in South Bend. And I wanted to show you a wasp nest today. So interesting fact, most wasps actually live in the ground a lot of the year, but they come up out of the ground when they are laying their eggs. So you can see these are larva and they’re all moving around in there. A lot of people think that a wasp nest is just where the wasps live. But the reality is they lay eggs up in a nest on your home so they can get away from other insects like ants that would overwhelm them. And IE all of their eggs and larva. So all of these will eventually hatch. Well, they won’t now, but about 100 wasps for a typical-sized nest will hatch out here. And eventually, they won’t live up in the US for long, they’ll go and they’ll make a home underneath one of your bushes or in your ground or something like that. So when we do pest control, it’s not that we just want to get rid of the wasp nest immediately, we try to have a bird’s eye view where we want to take care of the immediate issue which is the wasp in the nest. We also want to prevent future issues which is why we treat with granules and spray on the bushes, trees and grass surrounding the home so that we can really prevent these types of wasp issues going forward. So hopefully that’s a helpful little tip for you today. If you are seeing wasps around your home, feel free to give us a call. We definitely know how to take care of it and we can help you with any of your needs.


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