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Hey everyone, this is Tyler with bamboo, I just wanted to show you a couple things that I’m doing today I’m doing a property assessment. It’s basically a lot of measurements on the lawn that I do two of the measurements that I do, I have this little thing that’s a soil pH tester. And then I have this probe that basically reads the soil, whether it’s has too much clay, or whether it has too much sand. So the pH tester, what it does, it tells me how acidic the soil is. The ideal range is 6.2 to 7.3. And if it’s too acidic, or too basic, basically what happens is if when you fertilize your lawn or we fertilize your lawn, it’s going to have a hard time absorbing the correct nutrients. So we can do different treatments with lime or sulfur to get your acidity or your pH in the correct range. And what that does is it allows the nutrients that we put down to be absorbed at the maximum optimal level. Sometimes we see it where we will go and we’ll really juice up good concentration of product, but we put it on the lawn and it just doesn’t seem like it really has the effect that we want it to. Usually when that happens, it’s an acidity issue. So the other thing that we do is we take the soil probe, it’s simple, we just push it in the ground, and we bring up a core. And I don’t know if you can see this one here, but it looks like playdough This is basically clay here. What we want it to do is we want it to kind of crumble in our hands and not be like this like Play Doh, but we also don’t want it to dissolve in our hands. So if it’s too much play, the roots are going to have a hard time catching and growing deep in the ground. You can imagine the roots really haven’t been pushed through the ground and we don’t want that for your grass. But if it’s too Sandy, it’s gonna have a hard time retaining water and you’re gonna run into potentially underwatering issues. So anyway, those are my tips for the day. Hopefully it helps you out.


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