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The damage Pests can cause

Hey guys, this is Tyler with Bamboo. Hey, I want to show you this beautiful Willow that just recently started dying and didn’t know what was going on with it is one of our customers. As we come up and look at it, we can see it’s super hollowed out, right? And it’s basically rotted from the inside out and there are all these holes. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was we can see underneath the tree here like it’s really hollowed out in multiple places to the point where it’s just all coming off. So what this is, is this is carpenter ants actually, that did this damage. And we’ll see actually, as I continue to pull this out, some carpenter ants may come out to defend their territory. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna treat this with a product that the carpenter ants will take all throughout the tree and hopefully eliminate the colony and save the tree. But this is just a good example showing you the damage the carpenter ants do and why we want to prevent them from wanting to get in your trees but also in your home.


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