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Sprinkler Tips for Greener Grass All Summer

As we head into the hotter months of summer, we sometimes get calls from our Bamboo lawn care customers who are concerned that their fertilization program is no longer working. They begin to see patches of yellow or brown grass throughout their lawn. They wonder if these “dead spots” are caused by insects, a fungus, or inadequate nutrition. The reality is, however, that a good fertilization program almost always results in greener grass unless one vital component is missing: proper watering. Consider the following sprinkler tips in conjunction with your regular fertilization program for greener grass all summer long.

1. Increase the Watering Time

If your grass is turning yellow or brown, the most likely scenario is that it needs more water. Some signs of dehydration include when your grass feels dry and crispy to the touch, looks dull and matted, or does not spring back quickly when stepped on. If this is the case, the number one sprinkler tip is to increase the watering time. Since every lawn and sprinkler system is different, it is difficult to give a one size fits all answer to what works best. However, many homeowners find that watering each zone for 10-20 minutes, every other day works well.  As it gets hotter, you many need to water every day, and for longer amounts of time in each zone.

2. Water When It’s Coolest

It is best to water your lawn when temperatures are cooler so that the water can be absorbed by the grass roots before it evaporates. You may choose to water your lawn in the evening or first thing in the morning. Watering in the middle of the night is also a great option as long as your lawn is treated with a fungicide, like we use at Bamboo Servicing. Otherwise, you risk the chance of disease due the blades of grass being wet for prolonged periods of time. Watering your lawn in the middle of the day could result in grass burn from the water refracting the sunlight and causing your grass to turn brown.

3. Make Regular Adjustments

The sprinkler adjustments that you made when it was 60 degrees outside likely will not cut it for when it is 90 degrees outside.  One often forgotten sprinkler tip is that you will likely need to readjust your sprinkler heads a few times over the course of the summer to keep up with the changing weather patterns. Not all sprinkler heads are adjustable, but if yours is, you may notice a single-slotted screw at the center of the head. Use a flat-head screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw clockwise or counter clockwise to increase or reduce the arc of the spray.

You many also need to raise or lower the sprinkler head to direct the water at dead spots. It is best to check with your sprinkler head manufacturer for specific instructions on how to adjust the heads properly. If you are unsure of how to get your sprinklers to reach a specific dry area, we recommend calling a Utah sprinkler repair company, such as our friends at A1 Sprinklers.


If you want the greenest and most lush lawn on the block, you will need to follow a combination of fertilization, maintenance, and sprinkler advice. With a little effort, Bamboo Servicing can help you achieve your goals. Contact Bamboo servicing today for top rated pest control, lawn care, and holiday lighting services in Utah and Salt Lake Counties.


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