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How Construction Sites Near You Affect Pest Control

A construction site near you will likely affect your pest control needs. This is because construction sights disrupt the existing homes for most pests. In search of new surroundings for food and shelter, they can find their way into your home. Eradicating pests before the start of construction or creating a barrier around your home is a sure way of keeping the bugs away.

Whether you are building a new home for yourself or you live near construction sites, it is essential to learn the different stages of construction, as well as the pests you can expect at each stage.

The Pre-Construction Stage

Bare land harbors different kinds of pests. Ants, termites, and mice build nests in areas with fewer activities. To prevent these pests from moving into nearby homes, it is important to treat the ground with pest control before beginning work on a construction site. The treatments should involve destroying termite colonies by targeting the queen. With the queen out of the way, future wooden structure damage is minimized.

Fire ants are another nuisance that you should be address immediately. Apart from moving to your lawn and giving you painful bites, they disrupt construction in some areas. Leftover foods by construction workers attract them to the site eventually, leading them to your home. To stay safe from insects and rodents of construction, apply chemical barriers around your home. Keep your environment clean and ensure that foods and waste are well placed away from the reach of pests.

The Construction Stage

Some pests get trapped in the building when construction work begins. Others build nests when the construction takes too long to complete. The trapped and nesting pests can attract other prey that are looking for food. Pests you may expect to see include the snakes, coyotes, raccoons, and cats. Since your home is also another source of food, these pests may go back-and-forth between the construction site and your building. The unwelcome visitors can also introduce fleas and ticks around your home. Their waste-spreading habits also bring flies, cockroaches, and ants to your surroundings.

The Post-Construction Stage

The post-construction phase is the period between the completion of the construction and you moving-in to your new house. If most of your wooden structures are made of exotic woods, there is a possibility of experiencing infestations from wood feasting pest. The pests you are likely to see include the termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles.

Bees and wasps can also build nests in the voids of the house if the building is left vacant for too long. The same applies to spiders that will find an ideal settlement in the dark and secluded environment. To avoid post-construction site pests, it is recommended that new homeowners adopt an integrated pest control system. The system will protect the constructed house and also the neighboring buildings.


Construction sites near you will inevitably affect your pest control needs. Pest-proofing is your best bet to a pest-free house. Hiring a professional pest control company such as Bamboo Servicing will also help keep the construction pests away.


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